We offer the experience of practical marbling classes (an ancient paper decoration technique) as a moment of aggregation between the members of a group, a company, a team. Even if each participant will be followed individually during the practical experience, the rest of the group will always remain present and will be able to participate with direct interventions so as to learn by watching, listening and suggesting. It is also a relaxing moment where the protagonists are more the hands than the mind. Since it is also a rather fast process, the protagonist completes, in a rather short period of time, the conception of the project, its implementation and its realization with a highly satisfying result. Suitable for all ages, even for those without particular manual skills and where there are no substantial rules, this magical procedure leaves room for one's desire to get involved, without judgement. At the end of each individual experience the group will then be followed in the creation of a collective work which sees the participation of everyone.

This workshop can be organized either at our studio (but with space limitations) or at the requesting client's facility.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French

Maria Giannini


Photo @paigeknudsenboudoir


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